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gypsyrose-4sale-ours ALL of our senses come alive when traveling, for STAR it’s been (and continues) to be a magical journey of love, courage, truth, commitment, trust and surrender.  We heard the message to get free of “material weight”, simplify, free of debt, using only cash, anchor in our dreams and visions and go for it! No, there was not a “How to live on the road with faith & trust” book included, only our inner guidance gently nudging us on. This is a guide to a lifestyle of “living on the road” and the adventures as well as the surprises! We started on the road around 1988 and haven’t stopped loving it! Maybe it’s the Gypsy Spirit of the adventure or that of extended family everywhere we go, or the beauty of the places we are “visiting”, or just living in the NOW moment with gratitude and wonderment! We’ve had over a dozen “rigs” and each one has lured us with its charms and its challenges, showing us our shadow side and what we could accomplish if we just stay focused and aware. We are so thankful that we are best friends as well as in love, for this can make or break a relationship. Many people find it hard to be with someone else almost ALL THE TIME but we love it!

For us, after more than 30 years together, we’re still in love and on a long honeymoon! It has brought us closer together, a teaching of “intimacy” (or like we like to say … “into me see”) and living through this challenge with grace and kindness requires a lot of strength and maturity ~ that is the GIFT!

There continues to be many life’s lessons that are assisting us to grow and evolve but the RV life has its own special way. We are sometimes “envied” (or so it seems) by other people who want what we have in our rigs and lives. We used to look at a really awesome Bus or Motorhome, and think, “Gee, what would it be like to have that?!” Now, we can honestly say we have NO RV eNVy! LOL!

Each of our rigs has been awesome and we want to enlighten others with some very simple insights that we’ve learned over the more than 20 years of being full timers. Our intention is to share our experiences, so that they may help and serve others. Much of it is common sense and that’s just one of the many new skills that develop and heighten through this experience. The following is about the choices of different “rigs”,  how we found ways to maximize space and priorities, and the importance of knowing the difference between true Needs and Wants!

no-rv-nv.comHere are some important things to consider before making a decision that will change your life.

1. Are you a part time RVer maintaining a “home base” and just want to have a “shuttle craft” to explore possibilities?

2. Have you had any experience in driving big rigs, backing up trailers, will your spouse or partner also be driving? What size vehicle feels most comfortable?

3. Do you have claustrophobia or have discomfort in small spaces? You need to discover what class vehicle works best for you and your family. We started in a 1977 one ton van that was absolutely wonderful for short camping trips and scouting, then went to a 20′ Airstream travel trailer that we pulled with the van, eventually got a 36′ Airstream that was like a mansion in comparison! The journey continued as we experimented with many different styles and sizes.

4. Consider the costs involved: gas, campground fees and/or space rent, and insurance (roadside emergency service is a must!) What are your monthly living expenses and are you prepared for any emergency repairs? If you’re in a van or truck with camper you can park almost anywhere (if you’re not too conspicuous, like whipping out the BBQ and lawn chairs) or if you’re in a trailer or RV that needs to be on hookups, then you may want to find an RV Park/Campground. We’ve learned to be as “self-contained” as possible, to “dry dock” (without hookups) for extended periods of time. By watching how much water, electrical power (batteries) and grey water holding tank (toilet/dish-bath water) you use, it can make all the difference in comfort and practicality!

5. This could be the best time to buy an RV or travel rig; many people are catching on to this “best kept secret” and are trading their rigs for something better for their needs. It is our experience that buying from a private party or searching sites like Craig’s List or RV Trader can be more informative and personal rather than some over-priced dealerships. We got turned “upside down” when we thought we could really afford a new Dolphin Motorhome ($97,000) what were we thinking!! It was fine when work was good and money seemed no problem, then the bottom dropped out and we could no longer afford those monthly payments of $990 per month (plus insurance) From then on, all of our rigs came from private parties, so the person owning the rig gave us the repair records and history and any other little advice about it. There was always a warm feeling from the people we purchased our travel lodges from; they were so happy that their “old rig” went to a good home and we were thrilled to know and appreciate the blessing!

6. Go to RV sales lots and look at all the different selections. Sit inside and imagine being in there for an extended amount of time. Does all your stuff fit? Ask questions and explore storage areas, weight allowances or any thing else that pops up. This can be a little tricky, especially if you can’t say NO. Really sharp sales people are trained to sell to anyone so use your guidance here. Take the time to make this important decision by comparing several choices and then go with what “feels” right. We believe that you cannot make a wrong choice, for ultimately everything serves and we get valuable lessons from each. Having said that, we’ve learned the hard way that we must trust our gut level “feeling knowing” and that is one of the many gifts received from living “on the road”.

7. Take a mini vacation and rent an RV for a week or weekend just to see if you like it. We once thought a little Dolphin 6 cylinder RV would be just perfect for us; our eyes twinkled as we looked at this sweet little rig. Then we realized that all the things that we would need to have with us, would be too much weight and there would be no room to live in it! Whew, saved from that experience!

8. When it’s time for you to manifest your special rig, it’s amazing how fast it can happen. We were living in Mendocino, CA and rented a house. It was driving us a bit crazy not to have a rig and the freedom to travel, this wasn’t where we were to “settle down” and felt it very strong. We call this “Divine discontent” that is sparking us on to listen.

Excerpt (the first chapter)

Blue Star 1977 Chevy One Ton Van our first home magic-showThis was our first camping experience, a one ton Chevy van that was named Blue Star by our “family” we bought it from. (After this, all our rigs had a name which was endearing only to them). Inside we had a platform bed with storage underneath, a custom built desk with the top that would fold up or lay down as a table top.  We had a Coleman stove, a square plastic tub to wash dishes and wash up, the tub doubled as a place to hold dishes, medium pot to cook in and a small frying pan, small cutting board, silverware, soap, etc. and would slide right under the bed with our personal clothing bags. A plastic box/bin with lid held condiments, snacks, etc. Also, we had 2-lap trays that we could eat on or use to write or work on. The 2 Captain chairs reclined and swiveled around so we could use them for our “living room”. Notice our custom awning, a tarp with poles! HA! We could have made room for a porta-potty that would double as a sitting stool/table but we didn’t know then! The great outdoors provided whatever else we needed. What we learned here: This was wonderful for camping in, it would have been good to have a rack on top to hold a tent and table, folding chairs and misc. and a built in awning but we were “newbie’s”. This is where we started learning about the basic necessities to camping, the CAMPING CHECK LIST (see list below). Also, the roof is low, so jumping up suddenly could hurt! We learned that you just can’t pull over anywhere and “camp”. We were in Ouray, CO and pulled next to a small river for the night. Our little “home on wheels” looked so sweet from the outside, with a glow of candle light shining like some magical story that we were in! At around three o’clock in the morning there was a loud pounding on the door and bright light shining into our window. A deep voice called out “You can’t camp here!” Bummer we had to move and it was only 3:00 AM, cold and dark. Also, unless you want people to come knocking on your “door” do not put signs on your rig. We didn’t realize how many kids saw the traveling MAGIC SHOW signs and they couldn’t resist asking if the magician wanted to come out and play!  Lesson learned. It was time for us to leave the mountaintop in Crested Butte, CO, taking our show on the road. We dreamed of heading out to L.A. to go to The Magic Castle. Our next vision was to get a small trailer that Blue Star could pull easily …


“I read the whole thing beginning to end last night.  I enjoyed it thoroughly!   You two have been through a lot!! And a lot of RV’s!!  (Almost literally a lot- did u catch my pun there?:) The saying that things happen for us and not to us, really resonated with me.  I shared it with my children this morning and I think they understood too. Thank you so much for pouring your life experiences out for all of us to learn from. Very cool!” M.M. Sandpoint, ID.
“What a Divine ♥ Adventure your new book is!  And, so truly useful for others (and humorous!) with all the wisdom and info you have gleaned and shared for others to benefit from! It’s bound to prosper in a big win/win windfall of increased blessings for all! APPLAUSE! ♥ APPLAUSE! ♥ APPLAUSE! ♥ (Standing Ovation!!! Well done!!!)” C.S.O. Sacramento, CA

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