NO-RV-NV is for those looking to buy an RV or are considering moving to a mobile lifestyle, perhaps wishing to avoid the regrets and pitfalls that can occur along the way. Most RV books and magazine articles address the how-to issues: how to get your mail, how to use hook-ups, how to find places to park … well, this is not that kind of book. You can find all that information online at other websites. This is a fun and insightful mishmash of stories, anecdotes, personal thoughts and adventures, “on the road”  from the notion of a “romantic Gypsy lifestyle” shared by a magical couple named *Star* and the LESSONS LEARNED along the way. He is a professional magician, entertainer and edu-tainer (magic with a message), she is an astrologer, consultant and artist. Together for more than 30 years and 14 rigs later, they have a lot to say about RVs, with experiences you just won’t find in most “how-to” books! This E-Book covers different styles and designs of RVs along with the following topics:

• Visualizing your “dream” RV and choosing what is right for you. Living within your means … MANIFESTING. • Living in a small space and relationships, pushing beyond the “comfort zone”… receiving the GIFT. • Understanding the difference between “living full time” and using an RV for short trips … COMMITMENT. • What to consider when packing and is really a NEED not a WANT … SIMPLIFY! • Looking for “safe” places to park off hookups (dry dock) … TRUSTING INSTINCTS! • Traveling with pets and what to consider for their needs … CLOSER TO NATURE & SIGNS TO WATCH FOR. • Making yourself at home on the road, HOME is wherever you are parked … SACRED SPACE.

Excerpt: “There continues to be many life’s lessons that are assisting us to grow and evolve but the RV life has its own special way. We are sometimes “envied” by other people who want what we have in our rigs and lives. We can honestly say we have NO RV eNVy! HA! Each of our rigs has been awesome and we want to enlighten others with some very simple insights that we’ve learned over the more than 20 years of being full timers. Our intention is to share our experiences and lessons learned, so that they may help and serve others. Much of it common sense and that’s just one of the many new skills that develop and heighten through this experience. The following is about the choices of different “rigs” and how we found ways to maximize space and priorities of what you really need and not necessarily what you may want!”

“I read the whole thing beginning to end last night.  I enjoyed it thoroughly!   You two have been through a lot!! And a lot of RV’s!!  (Almost literally a lot- did u catch my pun there?:) The saying that things happen for us and not to us, really resonated with me.  I shared it with my children this morning and I think they understood too. Thank you so much for pouring your life experiences out for all of us to learn from. Very cool!” M.M. Sandpoint, ID.
“What a Divine ♥ Adventure your new book is!  And, so truly useful for others (and humorous!) with all the wisdom and info you have gleaned and shared for others to benefit from! It’s bound to prosper in a big win/win windfall of increased blessings for all! APPLAUSE! ♥ APPLAUSE! ♥ APPLAUSE! ♥ (Standing Ovation!!! Well done!!!)” C.S.O. Sacramento, CA

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